Greener Gardens Transformations

Here are just some of the transformations we have made on customer's lawns with our lawn renovation programmes.

Transformed in Nine Weeks


This customer contacted us in August, sending this photo of their lawns asking for help to improve how they looked.

Before we visited

After just one treatment to deal with the unsightly weeds and strengthen the existing grass health, we then carried out a full renovation in the Early Autumn when ground conditions meant faster recovery time. 

Just 3 weeks later and the lawns are in full recovery mode, weeds controlled and strong healthy grass establishing well.





I am sure you will agree that the difference here (mid October), just SIX weeks after renovation works were carried out, is a vast improvement from how the lawn looked when we first called just nine weeks ago.



Lawn Improvement

This customer came to Greener Gardens in March.

Initially as you can see the lawn was more weeds and moss than grass.

This was as a result of extreme weather conditions and improper mowing techniques.


More Weeds than Grass...

Rather than a full renovation right away the decision was made to treat the existing lawn and deal with the weeds as a priority to improve the existing grass health.


Correct mowing was implemented and a Spring and Early Summer treatments applied.


Two Treatments later...

August 2021 after just two lawn treatments and correct mowing, you can see a much healthier lawn and most lawn weeds well under control.


However the underlying soil health problem still needed addressing.

At the end of September, the lawn was given a full renovation.


Eight weeks on 


Post renovation...

This included:

  • -Aeration to relieve compaction and encourage a deeper, stronger root system.

  • The deep thatch layer was removed through Scarification. Allowing the grass to thicken and discouraging future moss growth.

  • A Soil Improver was applied to aid recovery and improve microbial activity in the soil, leading to a healthier root system and better drainage.

  • The lawn was finally overseeded with a blend of grass seed suited to the use of the lawn.

Use our slider to see the transformation from start to finish.


Although renovation works on the lawn meant it was left looking rather sore initially, just EIGHT WEEKS on and I am sure you will agree, the transformation is definitely worth it.