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  • Aeration | Greenergardens

    Aeration Besides mowing, this is one of the most beneficial practices to carry out on your lawn. Aeration will help lawn roots develop and strengthen , giving you a healthier and stronger lawn. Some benefits of lawn aeration are to: ​ Relieve Compaction Improve Air Circulation Deepen Root Development Increase Nutrient Uptake Reduce Sub-Surface Thatch Improve Drainage ​ Scroll down to see the difference Aeration can make to your lawn ​ Different types of aeration are available, your lawn technician can advice you on the best tines suited for the season. ​ A well tended sports turf will often be aerated weekly, however here at Greener Gardens Lawncare, we recommend aeration only once or twice a year on your lawn to make a difference. The Grass May Be Greener This picture perfectly demonstrates the difference in colour the seasonal treatments can give your lawn ​ However although the grass may be greener and at first glance... ​ is always important to monitor what is happening beneath the surface , take a look at the next photo to see what lies beneath... Hidden Thatch This lawn contains far too much thatch! (The layer on the surface of the soil that makes your lawn feel spongy ) ​ This amount o f thatch will encourage moss and weeds to spread . As well as contribute to a poor root structure, all things ultimately leading to a weaker lawn Regular aeration improves soil health and reduces thatch build up. ​ Scarification will also help to reduce the thatch layer encouraging thicker grass growth and fewer moss problems. Drought Stressed?... This is a very typical drought stressed lawn. After the heat of summer your lawn may well be looking the same. ​ Lots of grass plants have died off leaving a heavy layer of thatch and stubborn weeds behind. This almost creates a 'waterproof matting' which will prevent any form of irrigation reaching down into the soil. Rather, rain leaves puddles on the surface or runs off before having chance to soak the soil. What can aeration do? ​ Make it Green Again Aeration breaks the surface tension created from drought stress enabling water to reach your lawn's root-zone rather than puddling on the surface. ​ This process can be done any time of year with the correct tines for the season, leaving minimal disruption to the appearance of your lawn, encouraging healthy green growth again in weeks. All Weeds and No Grass This lawn is more weeds than grass . This has occurred due to the grass dying off in the heat of the summer, plus improper mowing , leaving only the deeper rooted weeds behind . ​ No problem... Grass Growth Restored Yes this is the same lawn...Aeration has worked wonders to help new grass establish.. Along with a seasonal treatment to deal with weeds and an over-seed to restore grass growth, this lawn is once again a garden centre piece to be proud of. 'New Build' Lawn Aeration This new build lawn was struggling from water-logging, poor grass growth and thinning. ​ These are all symptoms of compaction combined with a heavy soil structure. ​ Aeration will encourage air circulation, improve root development and aid drainage. We also added a soil improver application on this lawn which will improve soil structure and microbial activity further alleviating drainage problems. This is a fantastic treatment to combine with your aeration. Compaction & Thatch As you can see from this core the heavily compacted soil below the thatch layer prevents root from reaching deeper into the soil. Rather they are forming in the thatch layer where they are unable to absorb nutrients stored in the soil. ​ This is often the case in new build properties or when a lawn has been incorrectly laid. Compaction can happen as a result of drought stress or on high traffic areas . ​ Regular aeration will prevent heavy compaction. ​ Get a Free Lawn Survey For more information and a free lawn survey, fill in the form below and we will contact you ASAP. First Name Last Name Email Send Thanks for submitting!

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    Nikki is extremely reliable. Also very efficient and very reasonably priced. Would definitely highly recommend Nikki. Our l awn has vastly improved since Nikki has been working on it. Gareth - Hednesford. Had my gardens cut for the first time today by you and I must say what an amazing difference it looks already and that's just the first cut!!! had a few people commenting on how nice the lawn looks already. thanks again. Natalie - Hednesford. Professional, friendly and very efficient. Our lawn looks so very much better since you have treated it. Mr Jones - Streetly Read more The lawn has had very good compliments from our visitors, who cant believe it's still stripey in the winter! Val - Streetly Greener Gardens has made a very positive impact on my lawn. Prior to using Greener gardens my lawn was about 70% weeds and the grass was in a terrible shape. After a month or so of Nikki coming to cut and treat my lawn it is in a very good condition with zero weeds. I am very satisfied with the performance of GreenerGardens. Thank you. Alex - Cannock Nikki has worked miracles on my lawn. I was going to have it taken up & new lawn laid - she worked her magic on it & it’s now beautiful. Have passed her name onto friends & they are all pleased. Lynn - Cannock

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    Contact Success! Message received. Send Mobile: 07969 306 846 Office: 01543 373786 Email: ​

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    Important Information following Government Advice regarding COVID-19. I am taking this opportunity to explain measures which will be put in place from today to comply with the latest advice received from our Government. As the nature of the work is outdoors, I am confident that I will be able to continue providing your usual, high standard lawn care service with just a few small changes during the coming months. ​ Greener Gardens Lawncare will continue trading from 30th March as planned, with a few changes to the way I am operating. Government advice states the following: ​ "Only leave your house to go to work if you absolutely cannot work from home" ​ "If you go out, stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times" "Work carried out in people’s homes, can continue...maintaining a 2 metre distance from any household occupants...No work should be carried out in any household which is isolating" ​ Therefore with this advice in mind, I am continuing working as a lone worker, using my own tools and equipment, observing social distancing measures by having no face to face contact with customers. ​ Customers will be contacted electronically and payments can be made in the same manner. ​ ​ I ask please that if your household is self isolating due to experiencing symptoms, that you make it clear and your appointment will be rearranged. ​ Confirmation ​ Expect to receive confirmation of your visit as usual, via E-mail / Text Message, this will inform you of the date of your appointment and ask for access to the lawn/s to be provided. As always, if you have any concerns/queries about your lawn or your appointment, you can raise them via Telephone or Email with me. ​ On the day of your Appointment. ​ For the safety and well being of both Greener Gardens’ staff and customers, your operative will not be knocking the door or ringing the doorbell on arrival; however, providing access has been made as requested, the work will be carried out straight away. Once the job is completed an invoice will either be sent via email or posted through your door for payment via BACS or cash payment can be made if there is an agreed safe place to leave this. ​ If there are any issues or problems with your lawn to discuss, this will be put in a service email after the appointment or later that day, rather than discussing it on the doorstep. ​ As things are developing daily, I will continue to review Government advice and will alter procedures accordingly as I think will best suit the circumstances. ​ If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss payment/access options, please call or e-mail me ASAP. ​ Thank you for your continued custom and support, I hope we will all continue to work together, keeping one another safe during these challenging times. ​ Kind Regards, Nicola Preston Owner/Operator Greener Gardens Lawncare ​ (Updated 28/03/2019)

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    About Greener Gardens Lawncare is a non-franchised, independent run local lawn care service, covering Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Cannock, Lichfield and the surrounding areas. Greener Gardens Lawncare offer a tailored yearly treatment schedule. Using carefully selected, professional products, along with expert knowledge to ensure your lawn is looking it's best from week to week. ​ You can be sure your lawn is in good hands as we are fully insured and qualified, keeping up to date with the latest amenity standards and training to keep your lawn in top condition. ​ Services: ​ Seasonal Fertiliser Moss Control Lawn Weed Control Scarification Hollow Tine Aeration Lawn Renovation Hard Surface Weed & Moss Control ​ Treat your lawn this year with Greener Gardens Lawncare. ​ Arrange your free lawn survey today. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Supported by the Princes' Trust. Proud members of the UK Lawn Care Association and the Grounds Management Association . City & Guilds Level 2 Qualified, fully insured.

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    Greener Gardens Transformations Here are just some of the transformations we have made on customer's lawns with our lawn renovation programmes. Transformed in Nine Weeks This customer contacted us in August , sending this photo of their lawns asking for help to improve how they looked. ​ Before we visited After just one treatmen t to deal with the unsightly weeds and strengthen the existing grass health, we then carried out a full renovation in the Early Autumn when ground conditions meant faster recovery time. ​ Just 3 weeks later and the lawns are in full recovery mode, weeds controlled and strong healthy grass establishing well. ​ Before During After I am sure you will agree that the difference here (mid October), just SIX weeks after renovation works were carried out, is a vast improvement from how the lawn looked when we first called just nine weeks ago . Transformed Lawn Improvement This customer came to Greener Gardens in March. ​ Initially as you can see the lawn was more weeds and moss than grass. ​ ​ This was as a result of extreme weat her conditions and improper mowing techniques . More Weeds than Grass... Rather than a full renovation right away the decision was made to treat the existing lawn and deal with the weeds as a priority to improve the existing grass health . Correct mowing was implemented and a Spring and Early Summer treatments applied . Two Treatments later... August 2021 after just two lawn treatments and correct mowing, you can see a much healthier lawn and most lawn weeds well under control. However the underlying soil health problem still needed addressing. At the end of September, the lawn was given a full renovation. Eight weeks on Post renovation... This included: -Aeration to relieve compaction and encourage a deeper, stronger root system. The deep thatch layer was removed through Scarification. Allowing the grass to thicken and discouraging future moss growth. A Soil Improver was applied to aid recovery and improve microbial activity in the soil, leading to a healthier root system and better drainage. The lawn was finally overseeded with a blend of grass seed suited to the use of the lawn. Use our slider to see the transformation from start to finish. Although renovation works on the lawn meant it was left looking rather sore initially, just EIGHT WEEKS on and I am sure you will agree, the transformation is definitely worth it.

  • Gallery | Greenergardens

    Gallery A sample of some of the work undertaken by Greener Gardens Lawncare. View some of the tranformations we have made on customers lawns with our renovation programmes here . Show More

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    Scarification Every lawn has a build up of naturally occurring material known as thatch. This thatch layer if not kept in check can inhibit your lawn’s intake of nutrients, air and water; thereby affecting the growth and quality of your lawn. A heavily thatched lawn will also encourage the spread of moss and weeds. Scarification is the process of ‘dethatching’ your lawn , using a powered machine to pull out layers of thatch along with moss from your lawn. Scarifying your lawn will also prune the grass to encourage thicker growth. After scarification, your lawn will take some time to recover; usually around 4-6 weeks, depending on aftercare and weather conditions. ​ The heavier the thatch layer removed, the longer this process will take. That is why it is highly recommend to scarify your lawn yearly, to maintain a happy, healthy lawn. Light Scarification Every Scarification is at least double passed. Heavier thatched lawns will receive extra passes. Debris is collected leaving your lawn free to breathe. Get a Free Lawn Survey For more information and a free lawn survey, fill in the form below and we will contact you ASAP. First Name Last Name Email Send Thanks for submitting!

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    Seasonal Treatments Keep your lawn lush and green year round; with an ideal fertiliser for the season applied at just the right time, for a happy healthy lawn. Greener Gardens treatments are a carefully selected blend of nutrients designed specifically for each season, with the local climates and soil types in mind. Each treatment provides a controlled release of nutrients to keep your lawn fed for longer, meaning fewer applications than a “fast, green up, off the shelf product” You can be sure that the dose your lawn receives is just right with our carefully calibrated equipment and calculated applications. No more second guessing and complicated DIY packet instructions to follow. Five Treatments per year 5 Each treatment is applied accurately by a trained professional, using only high quality equipment and products Five treatments are applied throughout the year to feed and strengthen your lawn, deal with unsightly weeds and help in the control of moss. Spring Feed & Weed Review When? March-May ​ What? A mixture of controlled and instant release fertiliser to provide bright spring colour and encourage a steady growth as the temperatures begin to rise. ​ We will also carry out a weed review to monitor the weeds present and ensure we carry the correct herbicide on your next visit when conditions are ideal for targeting weeds. ​ Autumn Feed When? Sep - Nov ​ What? As seasons shift and Winter seems to be approaching ever later each year, we apply a gentle feed in the Autumn months, this helps your grass maintain colour while temperatures are mild and growth is continuing on your lawn. ​ This feed is made from 50% organic material and provides key macro and micro nutrients beneficial to healthy turf-grass providing a deep green colour to your Autumn garden. Early Summer Feed When? May-July ​ What? This is a slow release feed. Meaning it will gradually release the nutrients your lawn needs throughout the early summer months, providing excellent colour and growth. We will also apply a tailored professional herbicide to deal with any unwanted needs where necessary. ​ ​ Winter Tonic & Moss Control When? Nov-Feb What? A liquid lawn tonic is applied to your lawn to build resistance from disease attack over the winter and into next spring. ​ This treatment will also work to weaken the moss in your lawn and limit further spread throughout the damp winter months. ​ For more help dealing with moss in your lawn see Aeration and Scarification . Late Summer Feed When? July - September ​ What? This controlled release feed will continue to gradually feed your lawn during the late summer months. As water is becoming increasingly sparse, this product will break down slowly as water is made available, encouraging good growth and colour late on into the heat of the summer. ​ Where needed your technician will spot spray for any stubborn lawn weeds appearing later in the year. Get a Quote Would you like to know more? Leave your details below or use our contact form to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. First Name Last Name Email Send Thanks for submitting!

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    1/6 Safe for Pets & Children All products used are professional grade, pet and child friendly, Meaning there is no need for lengthy time spent "keeping off the lawn" following our treatments. Qualified Professionals Our technicians are qualified in the Safe Use of Pesticides certified by City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 (PA1 & PA6) Applying professional products in a safe and correct manner, conscious of environmental effects. Expert Advice We are members of the UK Lawn Care Association holding level 2 certification in turf management (from the GMA). ​ This means your lawn is in good hands and you will always receive the best advice and information on the latest techniques and products available to look after your lawn. Pay as You Go All of our treatment programmes are provided on a PAYG service. Which means there are no contracts or commitment to stay. We are so confident you will love what we do that you choose to continue your treatments with us Amazing Results Last but not least, of course you will gain amazing results from our treatments and advice in maintaining your lawn. ​ Don't believe us then take a look for yourself at some of the amazing transformations in our portfolio. Why choose Greener Gardens Lawncare? About Us Contact Us