Seasonal Treatments

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Keep your lawn looking green and lush year round; with a seasonal fertiliser applied at just the right time, for a happy well fed lawn.


Greener Gardens treatments are a bespoke blend of nutrients designed specifically for each season, with the local climates and soil types in mind.


Each treatment provides a controlled release of nutrients to keep your lawn fed for longer, meaning fewer applications than a “fast, green up, off the shelf product”

Five treatments are applied throughout the year; see Table (left)

Alongside your Spring & Summer treatments, a professional selective herbicide is offered to control unsightly lawn weeds.

Your Autumn & Winter treatments, include a turf building tonic to improve disease resistance and a moss control, designed to prevent moss from spreading in your lawn.

Each treatment is applied accurately by a trained professional, using only high quality equipment and products


Every lawn has a build up of naturally occurring material known as thatch. This thatch layer if not kept in check can inhibit your lawn’s intake of nutrients, air and water; thereby affecting the growth and quality of your lawn.


A heavily thatched lawn will also encourage the spread of moss and weeds.


Scarification is the process of ‘dethatching’ your lawn, using a powered machine to pull out layers of thatch along with moss from your lawn.


Scarifying your lawn will also prune the grass to encourage thicker growth.


After scarification, your lawn will take some time to recover; usually around 4-6 weeks, depending on aftercare and weather conditions.

The heavier the thatch layer removed, the longer this process will take. That is why it is highly recommend to scarify your lawn yearly, to maintain a happy, healthy lawn.



Besides mowing, this is one the most beneficial practices to carry out on your lawn.


Aeration will help lawn roots develop and strengthen, giving you a better lawn long term.


Some benefits of lawn aeration are to:

 Relieve Compaction

 Improve Air/Water/Nutrient intake

 Reduce Sub-Surface Thatch

 Improve Drainage

Different types of aeration are available, your lawn technician can advice you on the best tines suited for the season.

A well tended sports turf will often be aerated weekly, however Greener Gardens Lawncare recommend aeration only once or twice a year on your lawn to make a difference.