Besides mowing, this is one of the most beneficial practices to carry out on your lawn.


Aeration will help lawn roots develop and strengthen, giving you a healthier and stronger lawn.


Some benefits of lawn aeration are to:

  • Relieve Compaction

  • Improve Air Circulation

  • Deepen Root Development

  • Increase Nutrient Uptake

  • Reduce Sub-Surface Thatch

  • Improve Drainage

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Different types of aeration are available, your lawn technician can advice you on the best tines suited for the season.

A well tended sports turf will often be aerated weekly, however here at Greener Gardens Lawncare, we recommend aeration only once or twice a year on your lawn to make a difference.


The Grass May Be Greener

This picture perfectly demonstrates the difference in colour the seasonal treatments can give your lawn

However although the grass may be greener and at first glance...

...it is always important to monitor what is happening beneath the surface, take a look at the next photo to see what lies beneath...


Hidden Thatch

This lawn contains far too much thatch!

(The layer on the surface of the soil that makes your lawn feel spongy)

This amount of thatch will encourage moss and weeds to spread. As well as contribute to a poor root structure, all things ultimately leading to a weaker lawn


Regular aeration improves soil health and reduces thatch build up.

Scarification will also help to reduce the thatch layer encouraging thicker grass growth and fewer moss problems.


Drought Stressed?...

This is a very typical drought stressed lawn. After the heat of summer your lawn may well be looking the same.

Lots of grass plants have died off leaving a heavy layer of thatch and stubborn weeds behind. This almost creates a 'waterproof matting' which will prevent any form of irrigation reaching down into the soil. Rather, rain leaves puddles on the surface or runs off before having chance to soak the soil. What can aeration do?


Make it Green Again

Aeration breaks the surface tension created from drought stress enabling water to reach your lawn's root-zone rather than puddling on the surface.

This process can be done any time of year with the correct tines for the season, leaving minimal disruption to the appearance of your lawn, encouraging healthy green growth again in weeks.


All Weeds and No Grass

This lawn is more weeds than grass. This has occurred due to the grass dying off in the heat of the summer, plus improper mowing, leaving only the deeper rooted weeds behind.

No problem...


Grass Growth Restored

Yes this is the same lawn...Aeration has worked wonders to help new grass establish..


Along with a seasonal treatment to deal with weeds and an over-seed to restore grass growth, this lawn is once again a garden centre piece to be proud of.


'New Build' Lawn Aeration

This new build lawn was struggling from water-logging, poor grass growth and thinning.

These are all symptoms of compaction combined with a heavy soil structure. 

Aeration will encourage air circulation, improve root development and aid drainage.


We also added a soil improver application on this lawn which will improve soil structure and microbial activity further alleviating drainage problems. This is a fantastic treatment to combine with your aeration.


Compaction & Thatch

As you can see from this core the heavily compacted soil below the thatch layer prevents root from reaching deeper into the soil. Rather they are forming in the thatch layer where they are unable to absorb nutrients stored in the soil.

This is often the case in new build properties or when a lawn has been incorrectly laid. Compaction can happen as a result of drought stress or on high traffic areas.

Regular aeration will prevent heavy compaction.

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