Seasonal Treatments

Keep your lawn lush and green year round; with an ideal fertiliser for the season applied at just the right time, for a happy healthy lawn.
Greener Gardens treatments are a carefully selected blend of nutrients designed specifically for each season, with the local climates and soil types in mind.

Each treatment provides a controlled release of nutrients to keep your lawn fed for longer, meaning fewer applications than a “fast, green up, off the shelf product” You can be sure that the dose your lawn receives is just right with our carefully calibrated equipment and calculated applications. No more second guessing and complicated DIY packet instructions to follow.


Five Treatments per year



Each treatment is applied accurately by a trained professional, using only high quality equipment and products

Five treatments are applied throughout the year to feed and strengthen your lawn, deal with unsightly weeds and help in the control of moss.


Spring Feed & Weed Review

When? March-May

What? A mixture of controlled and instant release fertiliser to provide bright spring colour and encourage a steady growth as the temperatures begin to rise.

We will also carry out a weed review to monitor the weeds present and ensure we carry the correct herbicide on your next visit when conditions are ideal for targeting weeds.


Autumn Feed

When? Sep - Nov

What? As seasons shift and Winter seems to be approaching ever later each year,  we apply a gentle feed in the Autumn months, this helps your grass maintain colour while temperatures are mild and growth is continuing on your lawn.

This feed is made from 50% organic material and provides key macro and micro nutrients beneficial to healthy turf-grass providing a deep green colour to your Autumn garden.


Early Summer Feed

When?  May-July

What? This is a slow release feed. Meaning it will gradually release the nutrients your lawn needs throughout the early summer months, providing excellent colour and growth. 


We will also apply a tailored professional herbicide  to deal with any unwanted needs where necessary.


Winter Tonic & Moss Control

When? Nov-Feb


What? A liquid lawn tonic is applied to your lawn to build resistance from disease attack over the winter and into next spring.

This treatment will also work to weaken the moss in your lawn and limit further spread throughout the damp winter months.

For more help dealing with moss in your lawn see Aeration and Scarification.


Late Summer Feed

When? July - September

What? This controlled release feed will continue to gradually feed your lawn during the late summer months. As water is becoming increasingly sparse, this product will break down  slowly as water is made available, encouraging good growth and colour late on into the heat of the summer.

Where needed your technician will spot spray for any stubborn lawn weeds appearing later in the year.

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